Kayla Mueller's tragic story a reminder of the barbarity of radical fighters

"They probably put makeup on her before they shot the video". The Arizona native had been an aid worker in the war-ravaged region.

Carl Mueller: I don't know how we survived but I remember the argument. Three weeks after her capture, ISIS contacted her parents, sending a horrifying video as a "proof of life".

Kayla Mueller spent her too-short life serving others, and lost it in captivity by the Islamic State group.

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"There is risk inherent in humanitarian work in conflict, but we rely on people who are willing to take those risks to help us reach people in need around the world", MSF said in a statement. The girls are said to have regarded her as a "mother figure". He explained she had not been asked to come to Syria and had she attempted to gain permission they would have denied her based on her American citizenship. He said: "You just go into nearly a catatonic state, I think". "They could've said, 'Yes, you work for us.' And they couldn't extended her some sort of protection, some sort of legitimacy that would've cost them nothing".

JONATHAN KARL (from White House press briefing): Can the Mueller family expect that the President - that the Obamas - will make a donation to their daughter's foundation, in the name of Kayla Mueller, soon?

"It broke my heart, but I also saw her strength", she said. Her family and the Obama administration confirmed her death in February 2015.

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Kayla Mueller was killed in an airstrike past year. If I escape with you, they will do everything to find us again.

Mueller, a 25-year-old aid worker, spent 18 months in ISIS captivity, including a stint as a sex slave to ISIS's so-called Caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. "'If that was my daughter being held, I'd do everything I could to get her out.' And I'm sure he would have, but we were told many, many times, 'We're doing everything we can". All the girls, including Mueller, were beaten by the ISIS family - but Mueller also had to go to al-Baghdadi at night, as ABC News first reported a year ago.

"Mom and Dad, I still am remaining healthy. Those detaining me are demanding an exchange of Dr Aafia Siddiqui's release for my release".

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IS then sent Mueller's family three photos of the young woman deceased, with bruises on her body. Their argument - that it would encourage more cases like this one - but since her death, there has been one change? ISIS demanded either the release of Dr. Afia Siddiqui or a ransom of 5 million euros.

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