Libertarians say Gary Johnson exclusion from Veterans forum "Shameful"

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images] Gary Johnson needs to reach 15 percent in select national polls to give him a chance to share the debate stage in NY alongside major-party candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The first presidential debate is about a month away, and if the voters have their way, there will be three candidates on stage, not two.

"We really think we're going to make it happen, I think there's better than a 50 percent chance that it will happen", said Johnson in an interview Monday with Yahoo News.

Facebook post from Michael Phelps fan with autism inspires
Everyone watching around the world saw the moment when Clos tried to get under Phelp's skin. The Atlanta-based musical artist, Future , was censored a few times during the song.

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson (left) and vice presidential candidate Bill Weld greet the crowd Saturday at a campaign rally in Boston. You know, the old "A vote for a third party is a vote for whatever candidate you most hate".

The scheduled presidential debates are nearing, but a couple of big questions still remain.

A RealClearPolitics polling average now shows Johnson with 8.9 percent support. In some ways he's a more centrist voice than either the Republican or the Democrat in the field: A former two-term Republican governor from New Mexico, Johnson is liberal on social issues and conservative on money issues. He proposes adopting a tiered system that would include in the first debate all third party candidates with at least 3 percent support.

No legal status for undocumented immigrants
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ruled out a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants in the US. According to RealClearPolitics.Com which tracks all major national polls , Clinton leads Trump by 5.5 percentage points.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released on August 25 found Johnson with 10 percent support among likely voters, while the Real Clear Politics aggregate of national polls shows Johnson hovering around 9 percent.

Polarisation in Congress is sure to be even worse if either Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton is elected, Mr Johnson says.

As Newsweek reports, apart from the record levels of disillusionment that a majority of Americans share for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump - something Johnson believes could hand him the advantage in the race - there are other smaller things for him to cheer about too. Once on that stage, it will be on him to make his mark. One thing said that was very important, this is a one on - well, maybe two but looks like now one-on-one debate, so Donald Trump, that's much different than having 17 other people, 16 other people on stage you can throw darts at and then disappear.

UK leader May, Cabinet to chart EU exit at Chequers retreat
Meanwhile, lawyers representing " a group of anonymous clients " have mounted a legal challenge to force the parliamentary vote. There will be no vote in the British Parliament and Prime Minister Theresa May is learned to be triggering the Brexit process.

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