Obama: ISIL still a threat despite coalition gains

Rooting out small networks of terrorists or lone attackers in some ways "is tougher" than disrupting larger organizations, Obama said.

Mr Obama was giving an update to reporters after a Pentagon meeting.

He said that Washington will keep hitting the militant group until it?s pushed back.

"S$3 ome of you may have read the article in The New York Times today - I guess it came out last night online - about this individual in Germany who had confessed, and had given himself up, and then explained his knowledge of how ISIL's networks worked", Obama said.

US President Barack Obama has expressed doubts whether to trust Russian Federation to cooperate militarily with America in putting an end to the Syrian crisis, saying the proposition needs to be tested first.

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Obama also plans to use the meeting at the Pentagon to praise recent gains by the US and its partners against IS in Syria and Iraq.

Saying that recent battlefield defeats have shown that Islamic State is "not invincible", Obama outlined a strategy to use a recently recaptured air base in Iraq as a hub for US -backed Iraqi forces to "push into Mosul", the major northern Iraqi city that the militants seized in 2014. "It makes us weaker and makes us more vulnerable", Obama said.

Obama, who denounced Trump in his speech at the Democratic National Convention and has since encouraged Republican leaders to withdraw their support from the business mogul, said such concerns were unfounded, calling the theory "ridiculous".

The US will also continue its support of Libya, through "conducting strikes in support of government aligned forces as they fight to retake Sirte" from the group, he mentioned.

"The U.S. remains prepared to work with Russia to try to reduce the violence and strengthen our efforts against ISIL and al Qaeda in Syria, but so far Russia has failed to take the necessary steps", Obama said, adding that he was not confident Russia or Putin could be trusted. This includes addressing the social, economic and political factors that help to fuel groups such as ISIL and al-Qaida in the first place.

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The twin US goals in Syria have been to end the violence that has claimed some 400,000 lives, according to United Nations estimates, and to seek a political process to replace Assad, whom Obama has said "must go".

He is accusing Russian Federation of failing to take the necessary steps to do that, though, adding that deteriorating conditions make it imperative for Russian Federation to show it is serious. "And eventually, we will dismantle these networks also". "We take it seriously".

Obama after a meeting with US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon Thursday. He did not indicate how the United States intends to do more to prevent such small scale attacks, however.

For five years Russian President Vladimir Putin has steadfastly supported the regime of Bashar al-Assad, offering global cover, military aid and in the last year carrying out its own strikes in anti-Assad areas.

Though he didn't name Trump, it was clear he was addressing the Republican nominee who has said he would "bomb the shit out of them (the IS)", and has proposed denying entry into the United States for immigrants from areas of the world "compromised" by terrorism.

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