The Walking Dead Season 7: A first unveiled extract!

The Walking Dead Season 7: A first unveiled extract!

The Walking Dead Season 7: A first unveiled extract!

Hopefully that does not stay the case in Season 7. Daryl Dixon's days as a zombie-murdering badass might be finally over. While riding around on a motorcycle and kicking in the heads of walkers, he flaunts a new wardrobe addition: Daryl's signature leather vest. The one thing that cannot be mistaken, however, is Daryl's customary leather vest. Seems like Dwight has a bit of an obsession with Daryl.

The stinger came when the camera focused on Dwight's back to reveal he was wearing a vest, and not just any vest.

Does this mean that Daryl is a goner, and was actually killed by Negan in the now infamous lineup scene?

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[WATCH] The Walking Dead Announces Season 7 Premiere Date and Discusses Controversial Cliffhanger In the video, embedded below, Daryl's new nemesis Dwight can be seen with two of Daryl's prized posessions.

But there may not be that much reason to worry.

Sunday's new clip featuring Dwight wearing Daryl's vest didn't reassure fans of his safety, so naturally they freaked out.

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Don't worry, all signs point to Daryl being alive at the moment. Recall that the new season will begin on October 23 and will be marked by the discovery of a new settlement conducted by Ezekiel - Shiva and his tiger.

The season's final episode ended with Negan introducing a member of Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) group to the business end of his barbed baseball bat, Lucille.

The chances of these possibilities have become higher after the recently released "The Walking Dead" Season 7 footage that premiered on the special episode of "The Talking Dead" that aired on August 14, Sunday.

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But what do you think? For the motorcycle. Because of these things, some believe Daryl has been killed with his prized possessions being given to Dwight; if the former did not simply escape without them.

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