What 'Sausage Party' Had to Cut to Avoid an NC-17 Rating

What 'Sausage Party' Had to Cut to Avoid an NC-17 Rating

What 'Sausage Party' Had to Cut to Avoid an NC-17 Rating

All this is why "Sausage Party" is so brilliant, a true massive cult film for the ages.

"It's overwhelming this exists", said Rogen.

For Frank, it's all about paradise and the chance to match with his soul mate Brenda (Kristen Wiig), a sexy hotdog bun with Barbie legs and a desire equal to Frank's. Kids' cartoons like "Toy Story" and "The Secret Life of Pets" have already played with the idea that there's a hidden reality behind the things we interact with every day, so naturally the next step is to play with our food.

Former aide in text: Christie 'flat out lied' in bridge case
Speaking to reporters in NY after appearing on a sports talk radio show Wednesday morning, Christie denied the claim that he lied. Christie also noted that the information came from a filing from a defense lawyer and wasn't from someone who was under oath.

The insanity begins at Shopwells, a suburban grocery store whose denizens begin each day with a cheery Alan Menken-esque tune (shockingly, by Alan Menken) about achieving salvation via "The Gods" - the fat and frumpy humans who, it is believed, will bestow eternal happiness upon whichever foodstuffs they take home. Rogen explained, before revealing that the Sausage Party team expected the film's orgy scene to be the most problematic for censors.

A lot of "Sausage Party" is genuinely clever, offering commentary on why we're so committed to our religious beliefs, why we're shamed for sexual desires and how cultural differences put up walls that are ultimately arbitrary. "It took a long time to emotionally recover from it".

More is yet to come, though it's best to stop there, both because the escalating weirdness should be served cold and because NPR standards prohibit me from describing it.

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Luckily, Jacob deGrom was having equal success against the Detroit's lineup, holding them scoreless through the sixth inning. Rodriguez hit Alejandro De Aza with a pitch to start the ninth, and Walker followed with a drive to right-center.

"I don't know how the movie's going to do, I don't know if it's going to be received well", Rogen said at the film's premiere.

The film's diverse voice cast also does a nice job of giving a cast of characters that might otherwise seem hard to sympathize with some honest, all-too-human personalities. "And we lost like an eighth of one of them".

But nothing will prepare you for the ending of this movie. "We had several projects with them". They're waiting for the gods to choose them before they act on anything. Because this isn't just a movie about anthropomorphized Twinkies dropping F-bombs or endless wiener-in-bun jokes (though, yes, it is that, too) - Sausage Party is an exercise in extremes, in just how far a big-budget film can push the limits of religion, politics, sex, ethnicity, everything. With voices by Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton, Paul Rudd. You can imagine the sort of winning humor that inspires.

Vail Resorts buys operator of 2010 Olympics site for $1.1B
Drop us a comment below! In other words, Vail Resorts will acquire 100 per cent of Whistler Blackcomb's stock. Whistler Blackcomb's shares were up 43.6 percent in mid-morning trading and Vail was up about 7 percent.

But back in May, Rogen issued a mea culpa for his edgy past while promoting the politically correct Neighbors 2, telling The Guardian: "It's amusing looking at some movies we've made in the last 10 years under the lenses of new eras, new social consciousness". This - how did they make this?

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