Florida finds Zika in trapped mosquitoes, 1st in US mainland

Authorities in Florida have found the Zika virus in trapped mosquitoes, the first time this has happened in the continental US. They say the infected person is a non-pregnant woman who was traveling to an area with on-going Zika transmission by mosquitoes.

"This find is disappointing, but not surprising", said Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam.

Frieden's warning comes as three new Zika cases were announced in Miami-Dade County Tuesday and the state is attempting to determine where two of the infections occurred while the third is in Miami Beach, where the virus is already circulating.

"As per our Embassy in Singapore, 13 Indian nationals have tested positive for Zika in that country", he said.

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And he said it's years of frustration, not just frustration from the this election year as Trump now trails Clinton in many polls. While Burns has described Hillary as "pandering and using black people just for their votes", Trump has taken a different tack.

The Brazos County Health Department received test results confirming the second case of travel-associated Zika virus infection in Brazos County.

"Our best defence is to eradicate mosquitos and destroy breeding habitats, all over Singapore", Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in a Facebook post on Thursday. The illness spreads from people to mosquitoes to people again through bites, but the insects do not spread the disease among their own population, and their lifespan is just a few weeks.

Hurricane Hermine, set to cause flooding and damage when it hits Florida overnight, could complicate efforts to fight Zika in Florida, experts in infectious diseases and mosquitoes said.

The Ministry of Health of the Singapore government conveyed to the High Commission of India in the city-state that 13 of the foreign citizens tested positive for Zika were confirmed to be citizens of India. Singapore is one of Asia's cleanest cities with high healthcare standards, but is a densely populated tropical island with heavy rainfall and has a chronic problem with dengue fever, also spread by the same Aedes mosquito.

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BCHD and CDC recommend that pregnant women not travel to areas where Zika virus is spreading.

The Zika virus, which has spread through the Americas and the Caribbean since late a year ago, is generally a mild disease but has been linked to microcephaly - a severe birth defect in which babies are born with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains.

Currently, the total number of Zika cases in Texas is 141.

That is how previous Congresses handled earlier public health emergencies such as bird flu and Ebola.

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The authorities in Singapore on Thursday confirmed the first case of Zika in a pregnant woman, while the number of infections since the weekend has risen to 115, according to local media reports.

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