Israeli settlements have grown during the Obama years

Israeli settlements have grown during the Obama years

Israeli settlements have grown during the Obama years

One day after the Obama Administration signed a record $38 billion military aid package for Israel, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's top Israel aide is suggesting that if elected, a Trump Administration would give Israel far more.

The U.S. has just given Israel the largest military aid package in history.

While the rigidity could be considered fiscally responsible, it is unprecedented, said Jim Moran, a former Democratic congressman from Virginia who served for many years on the House Appropriations Committee.

Arctic sea ice minimum ties record for second lowest
Greenpeace spokesman Ben Ayliffe said the sea ice was our "early warning system" and action must be taken to avert climate change. September is the month when Arctic ice reaches its lowest "extent" of the year, toward the end of the Northern Hemisphere summer.

The security deal, which amounts to $3.8 billion annually over the next 10 years, is the largest such agreement the US ever has had with any country.

"Israel will receive $3.8 billion a year - an important contribution to our security but far less than what could have been obtained before the prime minister chose to blatantly interfere with USA politics".

In March 2015, Netanyahu delivered a speech before Congress at the invitation of then House Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, in which Netanyahu criticized the Obama Administration's deal with Iran, offering the Islamic Republic sanctions relief in exchange to actions the White House said would prevent or slow down Iran's ability to obtain or develop offensive nuclear capabilities.

Apple's iOS 10 update is causing major headaches for some users
Since its intro back at WWDC 2016, folks have been anticipating all the cool new stuff that the iPhone update has to offer. Hundreds of people have taken to Twitter to complain to Apple Support's account that the update has bricked their device.

"The idea that the MOU is binding on us, I'm going to fight violently", Graham said.

The ten-year US-Israel defense agreement consists of $33 billion in foreign military financing and $5 billion in missile defense. Netanyahu acknowledged the strain but stressed that the agreement proves that "relations between Israel and the United States are strong, powerful". The deal was also billed as allowing Israel to update the lion's share of its fighter aircraft, strengthen missile defense systems like Iron Dome and purchase more copies of America's next-generation fighter jet, the F-35.

The deal, will allow Washington's chief Middle East ally to upgrade most of its fighter aircraft, improve its ground forces' mobility and strengthen its missile defense systems, a senior USA official said.

Native Americans celebrate pause of N. Dakota pipeline, vow to fight on
Trading sources estimate that line fill from North Dakota to the Gulf Coast will be some 8 million barrels altogether. There is little commercial storage available in North Dakota, so storing large volumes is not a possibility.

Graham said his bill will also renew the Iran Sanctions Act, the law that mandates numerous existing U.S. sanctions on Iran's energy sector and which expires at the end of the year. "But I will tell you right now, from my point of view, the prime minister has made a mistake here, and, basically, setting up a situation where his friends in Congress - on both sides of the aisle - can't help Israel apart from what this president says".

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