Snowden says will vote in US presidential election

A House intelligence committee report on NSA leaker Edward Snowden says he's not a whistleblower and that the vast majority of the documents he stole were military and defense secrets that had nothing to do with Americans' privacy.

"In light of his long list of exaggerations and outright fabrications detailed in this report, no one should take him at his word".

The report said Snowden did not, as he claimed, try to express his concerns about potentially illegal intelligence gathering in a way that would qualify him as a whistleblower.

The lawmakers argue that because Snowden released over 1.5 million files -many of which weren't related to NSA's surveillance program, according to the comittie- he doesn't qualify as a whistle-blower, but as a criminal.

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Now, with presidential elections set for November 8, both presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have expressed strong opposition of pardoning Snowden, saying he must be punished for harming the country's national security.

The full 36-page House committee review remains classified, but the committee released a three-page executive summary slamming Snowden both personally and for the "tremendous damage" the committee said was done to American national security.

Civil liberties organisations have underscored the importance of Snowden's disclosures, and have urged United States president Barack Obama to pardon him, while a film by prominent director Oliver Stone released on Friday argues Snowden's actions were meant to "save his country".

All the members of the committee sent a bipartisan letter to President Barack Obama urging him not to pardon Mr Snowden.

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Third, officials say that Snowden was a disgruntled employee at best because two weeks before stealing NSA documents, he was reprimanded after engaging in a workplace spat with several NSA managers.

The committee also described Mr Snowden as a "serial exaggerator and fabricator".

Timm sat down with Gillespie to discuss the case for pardoning Snowden, the impact the Oliver Stone film will have on the cause, and whether a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton administration would be more likely to consider Snowden's case.

"What we're hoping is that after the election when Obama is in his final months in office — at that stage he can begin to do something that are appropriate as a matter of conscience but politically hard", Roth told the AP.

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"While I am grateful for the support given to my case, this really isn't about me", Snowden said during the launch of the campaign via teleconference from Russian Federation. "There's been broad recognition that Edward Snowden has done an enormous public service by disclosing the degree to which all of our privacy has been invaded needlessly".

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