Tim Kaine says Trump encouraged Watergate-like hack of DNC by Russians

Clinton, it turns out, cited her failure to remember specific information dozens of times in her interview with FBI agents investigating her use of the private system.

Kaine, to the contrary, insisted that the American people had already received "a better explanation". This corrupt, special interest-serving politicization has exploded in the nearly eight-years of the Obama Administration.

Of the 13 mobile devices determined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be associated with the clinton.com email address and requested by the Department of Justice (DOJ), none were provided.

Trump was referring to some 30,000 emails deemed personal by Clinton's lawyers that she has repeatedly said she chose "not to keep" while returning thousands of other work emails to the government in 2014.

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Clinton was also asked about a 2011 email that caught the attention of investigators in which she directed one of her advisers, Jake Sullivan, to transmit a set of talking points and turn it "into nonpaper w/no identifying heading and send nonsecure".

Kaine had to expect he was in for a tough interview, especially considering the tact the GOP is taking on the release of the notes. In a taped interview with NBC's "Meet the Press" that aired Sunday, Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, Trump's running mate, called Clinton "the most dishonest candidate for president of the United States since Richard Nixon".

Not to be outdone, Kaine pulled out his own reference of America's infamously disgraced 37th president.

Referencing the Republican presidential candidate's continued refusal to release his income tax returns, Kaine also took aim at Trump's bafflingly cavalier address to Russian Federation - you know, that time he said "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing". "Clinton's secret email server was an end run around government transparency laws that wound up jeopardizing our national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts".

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We don't yet know the content of Clinton's deleted emails, but we do know two things: She set up the private server right after she promised to abide by strict ethics rules to avoid the appearance of selling influence.

"A president was impeached and had to resign over an attack on the DNC, during a presidential election in 1972". "This is serious business".

Raddatz interrupted, saying "Let's go back to the reset. Kaine didn't really try to defend the policy, however, so much as cast the blame on the "dictator" Putin".

"But", Kaine added, "that's not the U.S.' fault, that's Vladimir Putin's aggressive and imperialist ambitions". And members of mainstream media outlets, television networks, asked her questions during that press conference. She gave a speech to the National Association of Black Journalists within the last month where there were also journalists, Hispanic journalists, there. And so, look, all the time as Hillary is out on the trail, she's talking to the press, hundreds of interviews. And she did a press conference there. When it occurs, those who engaged in it, as Hillary Clinton clearly did, should be held accountable for the predictable consequences.

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On Thursday morning, Kaine blasted Donald Trump for inconsistency on his hallmark immigration stance, contrasting his relatively conciliatory remarks from Wednesday at a joint press conference in Mexico with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto with his more hardline comments that evening across the border in Arizona.

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