NCAA accuses Louisville over escort allegations

NCAA accuses Louisville over escort allegations

NCAA accuses Louisville over escort allegations

The University of Louisville has been accused of four violations stemming from an investigation into claims a former basketball team staff member hired escorts and strippers for sex parties with players.

In the NCAA notice of allegations (embedded below) released Thursday, Pitino and former director of basketball operations Andre McGee - pinned as the ringleader of the prostitute scandal in which women were paid to perform sexual acts with recruits - are named directly by Louisville avoided the more damning "lack of institutional control" charge.

The NOA does contain a narrower allegation - which UofL will dispute - that Coach Pitino failed to demonstrate that he monitored McGee.

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While Pitino has vehemently denied having knowledge of any of the allegations former escort Katina Powell made in her book, he could be facing a steep penalty. He resigned from UMKC in October 2015.

ESPN's Dana O'Neil notes that two college basketball coaches - Syracuse's Jim Boeheim and SMU's Larry Brown - each were suspended for nine games after the NCAA found that they failed to monitor their programs.

Still, the university could face additional penalties beyond what it's already self-imposed, including additional postseason bans, a suspension of its Hall of Fame coach, and even the vacation of its 2013 National Championship.

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In Feb. and June of 2016, McGee refused to participate in any interviews or provide records after being requested to during the institution and enforcement staff's investigation of the NCAA violations.

'The penalties we imposed were among the most severe penalties ever self-imposed by a NCAA member'. 3 of the violations were directed at McGee, a fourth at former assistant Brandon Williams. The governing body considers the breaches of conduct Level 1 infractions. The reality of the situation is that the University of Louisville itself could have faced much more severe penalties from the NCAA, including failure to monitor or lack of institutional control. Jurich said of Pitino.

"We believe that Mr. McGee acted furtively and note that the NOA does not indicate that any other university employee besides Mr. McGee had knowledge of these activities", the statement reads. Then, the NCAA has 60 days to digest that response. That timetable, coupled with the meeting schedule for the NCAA's Committee on Infractions, means that neither Pitino nor the university will learn of penalties until at least the spring of 2017. After the accusations were first brought to light, Pitino's future at Louisville was questioned but he retained the support of the school's administration.

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Pitino says he and the university apologize for the "mistakes" made by McGee. After that, both sides will appear at a court-like hearing with lawyers present before the NCAA announces any punishment, sanctions Louisville can appeal.

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