Republican Party in meltdown over Trump

Republican Party in meltdown over Trump

Republican Party in meltdown over Trump

Facing a backlash from his own party, presidential nominee Donald Trump today attacked US House Speaker Paul Ryan and other "disloyal" Republicans over non-support, saying he can now engage in the contest the way he wants to, without any "shackles".

"I suspect whatever he said would be a no-win for unanimity" among Republicans, former Rep. Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., who led the House GOP's campaign organization a decade ago, said Wednesday. "I really do believe that Republican leaders should join millions of Americans and support the Republican nominee for president".

Donald Trump is lashing out at House Speaker Paul Ryan, saying he's sick and exhausted of fellow Republicans abandoning his candidacy and doesn't want their support anyway.

"I don't want his (Paul Ryan) support", Trump said on Tuesday in an interview to Fox News. "I will continue to support the Republican ticket as I have pledged to do throughout this election cycle".

A prime example: on Tuesday night, MSNBC's Chris Hayes repeatedly asked Texas representative Blake Farenthold what it would take for him to fully un-endorse Trump.

Ditto for Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., who tweeted on Saturday that "Donald Trump should withdraw and Mike Pence should be our nominee effective immediately".

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House Speaker Paul Ryan said this week he would not campaign with Trump or defend him.

"I was disgusted by his comments", Fischer said.

Two senators and two House members who called for Trump to step aside over the weekend now have climbed back aboard.

On Tuesday, Fischer shared her new position, telling Nebraska radio station KLIN, "I plan to vote for Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence on November 8".

The escalating clash between Ryan and Trump is prompting warnings of retaliation against the speaker from rank-and-file House Republicans. There still are some three dozen GOP lawmakers who have withdrawn their support or are calling for Trump to step aside.

Trump has since assailed Ryan with a bombardment of tweets and remarks.

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A congressional aide said Conway went through a list of differences between Trump and Clinton and talked about how to make the case for Trump and against Clinton.

Trump's campaign released a new ad that focuses on Clinton's recent bout with pneumonia. "I feel very badly I gave him the endorsement".

On Wednesday, Garrett campaign manager Sarah Neibart said, "Donald Trump remains the nominee of the Republican Party, and Rep. Garrett has always said he will vote for the Republican Party nominee".

These changes in tone came after Trump fired off a series of retaliatory tweets on Tuesday, including one that said, "Disloyal R's are far more hard than Crooked Hillary".

Representative Bill Huizenga of MI said, "The reality is Donald Trump is our nominee, and Hillary Clinton is not an option".

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