Trump Jr. Helps Save Stranded Motorist in 100 Degree Heat

Trump Jr. Helps Save Stranded Motorist in 100 Degree Heat

Trump Jr. Helps Save Stranded Motorist in 100 Degree Heat

A woman whose vehicle stalled on a busy Mesa street got help from an unexpected source - Donald Trump Jr., the oldest son of billionaire GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. On the way back from the rally and filmed the whole thing!

"I will never forget this and it's why I'm proud to be supporting this family", he added.

"I've been around a lot of politicians".

Bowyer's post included a video of several people pushing the auto and a photo of Trump Jr. posing with the unidentified woman.

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Donald Trump Jr. earned kudos for his quick action when he jumped to the aid of a stranded Arizona motorist. Bowyer told the Arizona Republic.

Bowyer took a video of Trump Jr. and two other men pushing the Chevy Impala out of the street and posted it to Facebook and Twitter.

'She was like, "Man, I have to be able to tell people about this".

He said there are voters who won't publicly say they're pro-Trump but will vote for him privately on Election Day. "It was 101 degrees outside, for crying out loud".

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Trump, along with two unidentified men, helped the woman move the auto out of traffic.

The video Bowyer shared on Facebook of the rescue has garnered almost 10 million views since it was posted.

Trump Jr. was on his way back from a campaign rally at Arizona State University in Tempe at the time of the incident.

Numerous studies have shown that voter fraud in USA elections is very rare, and a number of prominent Republicans have denounced Trump's claim that the system is unsound.

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