Amy Schumer to perform as 'Barbie' in the upcoming movie

Amy Schumer to perform as 'Barbie' in the upcoming movie

Amy Schumer to perform as 'Barbie' in the upcoming movie

Schumer's casting is sure to raise eyebrows, as often as her controversial comments surface in whatever medium.

The actor will reportedly star as the film's titular character, despite her feeling that she doesn't fit in with the other perfectly proportioned dolls. Sony head Tom Rothman personally approached and presented the movie's script, penned by Community producer Hilary Winston, to Schumer who agreed to sign on to the movie, Deadline has learned. Barbie sets out on an epic adventure in the real world and discovers that "perfection comes on the inside, not the outside".

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In the 1950s, the popular toys for girls were baby dolls, but Ms Handler noticed that her daughter Barbara liked to play with paper cut-out dolls of teenagers and women.

Newsflash haters: that's precisely why she's being considered for the film, which "will try to put a contemporary spin on beauty, feminism and identity", according to The Hollywood Reporter. After perfecting her singular comedic style at comedy clubs, Schumer inked deals to write her own TV show, and then a hit movie, followed by a best-selling book.

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Amy Schumer and Bill Hader arrive at the Trainwreck Australian premiere at Event Cinemas George Street on July 20, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. The third movie is a Dreamworks Project "Thank You for Your Service", which is a drama about post-traumatic disorder.

Sony Pictures Entertainment is looking forward to getting a female director that can lead the film to the direction they want. Some people are against the idea of her playing the Barbie movie because of her physical size.

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