Uber now lets riders set a friend as their trip destination

Uber launched a new version of its ridesharing application with two new features.

Thankfully, the feature will include one gateway to prevent some seriously risky stalking.

Uber is now offering a way to unlock custom Snapchat filters as well, so you can keep your Snap game strong while riding Uber without switching between apps. But to be more social, Uber needs to know more about you, such as who your friends and colleagues are. But, let us explain a bit more. Following Uber's latest update, you'd expect Uber not to stop tracking you once you finish a ride, but that might not be the case.

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"To restore users' control over their location data, I urge you to consider implementing in-app options that are distinct from operating system-level permissions", he added. Uber said it would only collect data about you for five minutes after a ride ends, but there's no setting in the iPhone that would guarantee a limitation of five minutes. This can be quite entertaining while you are on the road. Once you select it, you will be re-directed to the Snapchat app where again you will be asked if you wish to unlock the filters for a short duration only. So the company found a solution. And here's how it works.

The only downside to all this - besides sharing your location - is that once you plug in your friend's name and they accept the request for their location, they can't move from that spot.

When Uber rolled out its new mobile experience in November it promised several new features such as transit information, Snapchat and Yelp integration, and the ability to enter a friend's current location as a destination.

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Also a spokesperson told Gizmodo that location expire after thirty minutes and the users has to provide a location every time.

When you take an Uber ride, "you're doing more than just going somewhere-you're often going somewhere to meet someone", Uber explained in a blog post. Or, does it sounds like a stalking case?

The other new feature that's being launched is the Uber to a Person feature, instead of requesting an Uber to a place.

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