Centrist Heavyweight François Bayrou Backs France's Emmanuel Macron

He accepted the offer of an alliance from Francois Bayrou, another centrist and devout Roman Catholic.

Others tweeted their love and support for the far-right candidate.

But the gap between the far-right leader and her contenders is narrowing in polls, despite a police investigation into alleged fake job contracts she signed in the European Parliament. She also met with the head of the Maronite church, Patriarch Bechara al-Rahi. But the Front National leader would lose to both Macron and Fillon in the May 7 run-off, the poll predicted, by margins of 16 and 12 points respectively.

An Elabe poll on Tuesday showed Fillon's share rising to between 20 and 21 per cent and Macron's falling to between 17 and 18.5 percent for the first round on April 23.

In this week's In the Field, senior foreign reporter Callum Paton and France-based journalist Colin Randall, help to make sense of the most unusual French election since the last time a Le Pen came close to winning the French presidency, in 2002.

Court to rule on ICC withdrawal
The ruling African National Congress holds a majority in parliament and can force through its decision if it wants. He said the government would decide how to proceed, including a possible appeal, after reading the full judgement.

Mr Macron has also vowed to be "pretty tough" on Brexit, arguing that there have to be "consequences" for the United Kingdom in order to safeguard the EU.

"Everything indicates so", Ms Le Pen said.

But Bayrou, who won 9 percent of the vote in the 2012 presidential election, did not specify the terms of his proposed alliance with Macron, except to say that he rejected the idea of forming a joint ticket with Macron.

Three recent opinion polls indicate that Fillon has either edged back to being even with Macron or has taken a small lead.

Le Pen is the leader and presidential candidate of France's National Front (FN), a political party long accused of holding anti-Semitic, anti-Islam, xenophobic and racist views.

Global arms trade is flourishing, according to think tank
China (6.2%), France (6%) and Germany (5.6%) made up the top five and accounted for almost three quarters of total arms exports. Saudi Arabia was the second largest arms importer in 2012-16, with an increase of 212 per cent compared with 2007-11.

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron tried to polish his global stature on Tuesday (21 February) with a surprise visit to London where he met the British prime minister and finance minister.

According to investigators, Légier could not be considered a parliamentary assistant because he resided in Paris and not Brussels, Strasbourg or Luxembourg where the three main European Union offices are located.

Mr Legier and Ms Griset were taken in for questioning on Wednesday.

Le Pen's comments provoked criticism on the issue of her support for Assad.

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Heidi Heitkmap, D-N.D., were the only Democrats who voted in favor of the nomination from President Donald Trump . King supported the delay, and warned colleagues that they will have to explain their vote to future generations.

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