Efi Oladele - The Newest Overwatch Hero?

Exactly whom the new 24th Overwatch character was going to be was the subject of some controversy.

There is no confirmation on whether Efi will be a new playable heroine, but she does mention robots that are supposed to keep people safe in the Overwatch universe, known as OR15s.

@Jalen_Nelaj That date is just our "real world" publish date. There's still no clue on his appearance or abilities, but pictures of other Overwatch members who aren't in the game are present in the short Overwatch video, Recall. Kaplan later revealed that the team was working on developing multiple new heroes for Overwatch although not all will successfully make it to the game. The interview takes place in the present day of the OW timeline.

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After tackling high fantasy and sci-fi with franchises like Diablo and Starcraft, Kaplan said Blizzard found itself struggling with the "frontier" of a game set on Planet Earth during Project Titan development.

Even when posts didn't explicitly mention the possibility Efi would be a victim of some bad accident, there's no shortage of love for this potential new hero, despite the fact we know almost nothing about her.

He did continue however by saying that there are multiple heroes now under development for Overwatch, so the gauntlet wearing legend might be coming after all. "Embracing differences" between the various denizens of Earth was important to the team. Given the recent disappointment that Jeff Kaplan gave explaining that the next character will not be who we think, many players are circling who could be the twenty-fourth character In joining the title.

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Due to this approach, "Overwatch began to spark a lot of discussion about diversity", he said. They wanted to create a game that made "as many gamers as possible feel. they are welcome". Really what the goal was, was inclusivity and open mindedness. "But we do plan to add them over time".

More than anything, I'd like to see another Omnic or another animal character like Winston (maybe a lion or some other type of cat) before we see another human character, male or female.

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