Everyone Is Happy & Chestburster-Free In 'Alien: Covenant' Prologue Clip

Yesterday, 20th Century Fox released a cast photo from Alien: Covenant in anticipation of a special sneak peek airing during tonight's episode of Legion. We also get brief introductions to the rest of the characters and even a short allusion to the bloody beginnings of Alien as one crew member begins choking at the table. The film tracks the crew of the colony ship Covenant as they discover what they think is an uncharted paradise but is actually a unsafe world with a sole inhabitant: Michael Fassbender's David. Even if the details end up drifting from this exact idea, it's nearly impossible that the crew won't end up marooned somewhere - even in deep space - having to watch each other die one-by-one.

Alien: Covenant is out in theaters on May 19th. However, the prologue is not actually a scene from the movie.

Police Release Audio of Suspect in Murders of Indiana Girls
Abigail and Liberty were reported missing to police after their parents were unable to locate them at the pick-up location. Kim Riley said they were widening the search for the man to outside of the county and even outside of the state.

"The official prologue to Alien: Covenant introduces the crew of the mission as they gather for a final meal before entering cryosleep", reads the YouTube description.

The "Alien: Covenant" 2017 movie will serve as a sequel to "Prometheus" but a prequel to the "Alien" franchise starring Sigourney Weaver.

Court to rule on ICC withdrawal
The ruling African National Congress holds a majority in parliament and can force through its decision if it wants. He said the government would decide how to proceed, including a possible appeal, after reading the full judgement.

It's tough work venturing off into the deep reaches of space to confront the unknown, particularly if that unknown features acid-blooded xenomorphs that lay waste to entire crews of spaceships like in the Alien universe. The characters do not inculcate the usual gay stereotypes and showed a new perspective in their sexuality. Basically, Franco's character is a dependable captain while Katherine Waterston's Daniels is the one closest to him.

Fans reacted to the short clip and praised the work of Luke Scott. It also established the human and android relationships which has been present in the franchise.

South African Court Blocks Government's ICC Withdrawal Efforts As Unconstitutional
Three African states - South Africa, Gambia and Burundi - previous year signalled their intention to quit the ICC. The president and ministers, the judge added, "are ordered forthwith to revoke the notice of withdrawal".

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