Mark Cuban sends message to President Trump with No. 46 jersey

Mark Cuban is the owner of the NBA team Dallas Mavericks, that's why he joined the all-star celebrity basketball game, as well as to convey the message of criticism for Trump, he wore the No. 46 jersey. So given the opportunity to tweak the leader of the free world during the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday, he did not pass it up.

Mark Cuban has been a very vocal critic of President Trump.

. Well, it's common knowledge that Jordan's number is 23 but maybe Cuban was paying homage since 23 times two is 46. He wore number 46 during the game.

In the game, Cuban recorded a rebound and a steal in 17 minutes of play for the West, which lost to the East, 88-59.

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Cuban acknowledged the connection after the game.

The move seems to have been a jab at Trump, since the jersey number represents the number of the next US president.

Regardless, Cuban is just the latest National Basketball Association figure to share his displeasure with Trump, joining a number of players and head coaches, lead by Gregg Popovich of the Spurs.

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Recently, in a tweet, the president mentioned Cuban by name saying that he wasn't smart enough to be president. "You can't take it too seriously", Cuban told ESPN. He backed me big-time, but I wasn't interested in taking all of his calls.

That had come after some critical remarks of Trump by Cuban, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter during the presidential campaign. On Friday, Cuban posted six tweets in which he slammed Trump's policies and character. Cuban said that his trolling of Donald Trump with the number 46 jersey isn't a hint that he's gearing up to run in the next election. He became controversial because he wore a No.46 jersey in the game as a form of criticism for United States president Donald Trump.

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