Study Reveals Cities With Worst Traffic Congestion; US Well-Represented

Study Reveals Cities With Worst Traffic Congestion; US Well-Represented

Study Reveals Cities With Worst Traffic Congestion; US Well-Represented

According to the INRIX report, the average San Francisco driver spent 82 hours stuck in traffic in 2016.

Miamians spent 65 hours in traffic and had an overall congestion rate of 8.7 percent in 2016.

In comparison with other Texas cities, Houston's traffic is a little less congested than Dallas, which ranked as the seventh-most congested city in the US and 16th in the world.

According to Inrix, traffic jams cost the average U.S. driver $1,400 (1,318 euros) previous year, and almost $300 billion (28 billion euros) for all drivers nationwide.

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And the time spent going nowhere costs the economy an estimated £30billion a year.

Johannesburg has, however, experienced a 3% increase in traffic congestion since 2015 and now sits at a congestion level of 30%. The average driver wasted 104 hours sitting in gridlock during the busiest commuting times past year, and lost $2,408 each in squandered fuel and productivity.

Los Angeles was the world's most gridlocked city, while Thailand was named the most congested country.

The total impact to the economy is more than $2 billion.

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It's not just major cities that are seeing heavy traffic in the US, though.

There's hardly a worldwide consensus on what city's commuters have it the worst. "For a lot of people, how much time they spend in traffic is one of the biggest challenges they have in managing their day to day life", said Chris Handley with Inrix.

Businesses moving about the centres of Exeter and London also suffer badly from congestion, sitting in traffic in the "city centre" 17% and 16% of the time respectively during the day. This provides a more holistic view of a city's congestion problem. Montreal ranked 23rd out of 1,064 congested cities across 38 countries.

Drivers in Mexico City have to be patient. Worst corridors are limited to those that have the highest traffic volume and are ranked by the average hours of delay per driver in 2016.

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