The MLB has Approved Changing the Intentional Walk Rule

Or is it a small, cosmetic change that fans won't even notice?

Twitter broadcasted a number of National Football League games last season.

Manfred indicated Tuesday more changes could be on the way to accelerate games.

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"I have great respect for the labor relations process, and I have a pretty good track record for getting things done with the MLBPA", Manfred said. He said a coach visiting the mound or a pitcher throwing to base can be a strategic decision by a team to give players time to warm up or save their arms.

"As part of a broader discussion with other moving pieces, the answer is yes", union head Tony Clark told The Associated Press about the rule change. That's better because it has already happened. "I'm just wondering, at what point do we just keep the game, the game?" And Manfred, in particular, made it clear this is an area he sees as being worth fighting for - threatening to use unilateral powers to make changes beginning in 2018. "I'm committed to the idea that we have a set of proposals out there and we continue to discuss those proposals in private". This was one of the areas Major League Baseball studied in terms of speeding up the game, with an adjustment to the strike zone being another, per Bryant.

The old-fashioned way of intentionally walking a batter takes about one minute.

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The sport of baseball is ideal in everyway and changing the intentional walk rule is the wrong decision.

I do know it's better than the potential "placing the runner at second in extra innings rule".

Meanwhile, baseball purists are up in arms about any adjustment to the rules that ostensibly tinkers with the traditions and practices of America's favorite pastime. Not to be left out, Yahoo is also in the sports broadcasting roster, too, as per CNET's report.

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The talks with Major League Baseball were reported earlier by Reuters.

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