Android O Developer Preview 1 gets rooted via SuperSU

Android O Developer Preview 1 gets rooted via SuperSU

Android O Developer Preview 1 gets rooted via SuperSU

Additionally, more important notifications can be accompanied by vibrations and sound alerts, while non-important ones can simply pop up in the notifications menu.

Naturally, we installed the Android O Developer Preview on a Nexus 5X and dove right into it. It is worth noting that all these features are present in the developer preview and it can not be said at this time whether some of them will make it to the consumer version of Android O. Some maybe tweaked while others may be dropped, some new features might even be added. New notification control options have been added to the settings menu, which will let users group together different notifications.

"Using improved tools and the knowledge we gained in 2016, we think we can reduce the number of devices affected by PHAs [potentially harmful apps] in 2017, no matter where people get their apps", security team members Adrian Ludwig and Mel Miller wrote in a post on the Android Developers Blog.

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One function that you can immediately use is the ability to snooze notifications.

Google boasted about introducing a new feature which will improve the Assistant's efficiency by integrating it with users' messages.

Users will no longer have to rely on third-party lock-screens or apps to customize the shortcut in their lock-screens.

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OnePlus confirmed support for the new virtual assistant on Twitter this week.

The new beta also gave a facelift for the multitasking interface. With the feature, Android system will be able to change icons based on a set of parameters.

Manufacturers and mobile providers were supposed to roll them out to customers, but failed to, or issued them much later than Google did, meaning half of Android devices were exposed to attacks unnecessarily. Users can select an app of their choice to auto fill the password columns, and also other details like addresses, user names, emails etc.

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Carriers are said to be viewing security updates differently from larger feature updates and this has enabled them to test less and push out the updates faster than before. Maybe, it will provide the full-fledged support in the next update for Android O.

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