Doctors Worry Parents May Underestimate Risk Of Teenage Pot Use

It's now more concentrated, increasing the risk, the academy says, of overdose and addiction.

Pediatricians issue warnings regarding marijuana use among teenagers. This clinical report offers guidance to the practicing pediatrician based on existing evidence and expert opinion/consensus of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding anticipatory guidance and counseling to teenagers and their parents about marijuana and its use. But, says Dr. Ryan, today's marijuana is much more potent and potentially more risky.

The AAP recommends that doctors urge parents not to use pot around their kids. Minors can get medical marijuana with parents' written permission in most states that have legalized medical marijuana.

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Parents may indulge themselves-or have fond memories of getting high in their youth-but they should still treat childhood and teen marijuana use as a serious problem, according to an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) report released yesterday.

Recent data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shows that 77% of US adolescents aged 12 to 17 thought there was "no great risk" associated with smoking marijuana once a month.

California and 28 other states allow medical or recreational use of marijuana for adults over 21 and doctors are anxious many parents who use the drug may think it's okay for kids, CBS2's Chris Martinez reported. Nevertheless, there are states which legalized the use of recreational marijuana among adults.

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The report appears in the February 27 online issue of the journal Pediatrics. "To not use substances in front of their children", Dr. Patrick said.

But what about kids who suffer from seizures or conditions where medical marijuana is prescribed?

Specialists indicate that the brain of an individual continues to develop until the age of 20.

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