Google shrinks JPEGs by 35% with Guetzli algorithm

Google shrinks JPEGs by 35% with Guetzli algorithm

Google shrinks JPEGs by 35% with Guetzli algorithm

In the example below, you can see the uncompressed original image on the left, libjpeg (another image compression tool) in the middle and Guetzli on the right. A good encoder will produce a great looking compressed image while reducing file size as much as possible. Guetzil - named for the Swiss German term for a cookie - is a JPEG encoder that can reportedly produce high quality images with file sizes that are 35 percent smaller than the norm. "Guetzli strikes a balance between minimal loss and file size by employing a search algorithm that tries to overcome the difference between the psychovisual modeling of JPEG's format, and Guetzli’s psychovisual model, which approximates color perception and visual masking in a more thorough and detailed way than what is achievable by simpler color transforms and the discrete cosine transform". This will enable webmasters to develop webpages that can load faster while using comparatively less data.

Google is seeking to make web pages load quicker and take up less bandwidth with the launch of a new open source algorithm called Guetzli.

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"Guetzli specifically targets the quantization stage in which the more visual quality loss is introduced, the smaller the resulting file". That may seem like a deal-breaker but because of how well it performs in the quality department, Google feels the slower compression time is a worthy trade-off. It's worth noting that even though the encoding process is slower, that should have a relatively small real-world on servers since image downloads vastly outnumber uploads, where the processing takes place. Its open access lent the JPEG format a distinct advantage in a period where diverse companies and interests were hoping that the creation of better and more efficient image standards would lead to a big licensing payday.

Google says it asked people whether they preferred libjpeg-encoded JPEGs or Guetzli JPEGs and most picked the latter.

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Although Guetzli primarily aims at compressing the file size, Google also points out that it can also be used to increase the quality of the image without compromising on the size. The team also suggests that the psychovisual approach adopted by the project will inspire further research into the way our eyes perceive compressed images and video.

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