How do Chiefs fans feel about the Raiders move to Las Vegas?

So Las Vegas, you can count on us bringing a piece of Oakland with us and you are getting a tough, loyal, and competitive fan base and team.

The only owner to vote against the Raiders' relocation was the Miami Dolphins' Stephen Ross, a man who Draymond Green considers as a mentor and an admirable person for standing up for what he believes in.

Someone should probably tell Green the Raiders moved to Los Angeles and back to Oakland again, and the Lakers also made a jump to a new city. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf feels the city gave it's all.

It will be the third time in franchise history the Raiders will have moved.

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While the owners said 'yes, ' it was a conditional 'yes.' They still want to see the lease agreement, which is supposed to tie the Raiders to Las Vegas for 30 years.

The city of Oakland presented a last-minute proposal on Friday for a $1.3 billion stadium in hopes of keeping the team. "Moving the Raiders? You can move a lot of teams, but there aren't many fan bases like the Raiders' fan base".

The Raiders will construct a support system to keep players focused, and are ready to handle any questions players and their families may have about an upcoming move.

One day after National Football League owners voted to allow the Raiders to relocate to Las Vegas, the franchise has launched a website for fans to reserve tickets for when the team begins playing here in the 2020 season. "No way I would pay my way to attend a game".

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For years Davis had threatened to move the franchise if a new stadium was not built.

"It's one thing if you're moving them from Oakland to Fremont or something". I won't attend a game.

"The introduction of Surface to this aspect of the game will improve consistency and accuracy of decisions and also speed up the overall review process to enhance the viewing experience for fans".

The Raiders are entering a limbo period, with just a few seasons in Oakland before relocating to Las Vegas. The type of thing you don't just throw away.

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"Today is a culmination of really an effort that took more than a year on his part after he was shut out of going back to L.A., but really a culmination of a year of effort to find another home and today he found Las Vegas", Gillan said.

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