Hundreds arrested in scores of protest rallies across Russia Sunday

Hundreds arrested in scores of protest rallies across Russia Sunday

Hundreds arrested in scores of protest rallies across Russia Sunday

A Sputnik correspondent reported that that detention took place near Tverskaya Street in downtown Moscow and that the bus with Navalny had already left. But hundreds of protesters reportedly gathered around the police van and tried to prevent authorities from taking him away. Some demonstrators carried running shoes - a reference to Navalny's assertion that tracking shipments of running shoes for Medvedev helped reveal his real-estate portfolio.

Navalny reportedly organized the protests, which the BBC said were illegal, as demonstrators urged the nation's Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, to resign following allegations of corruption. Navalny was * a href="*/stories/161846?referred_from=World%20News" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" *arrested during a similar demonstration in Moscow on March 26.

Protesters plan to hold unsanctioned rallies in Moscow and St. Petersburg later in the day.

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Navalny, who emerged as an anti-corruption whistleblower and took a leading role in the street protests that accompanied Putin's 2012 return to the presidency, has been the target of fraud and embezzlement probes he calls politically motivated.

The Russian authorities claimed that after events that Navalry led in the past, he won't be permitted to run in the elections but Navalry asserted that he has done nothing wrong and is being persecuted for his political beliefs.

Alexei Navalny, the Russian opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner, has been detained in Moscow as unsanctioned protests against the government were held across the country.

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The protests appeared to be one of the largest coordinated outpourings of dissatisfaction in Russian Federation since the massive 2011-12 demonstrations that followed a fraud-tainted parliamentary election.

Elsewhere, at a rally in the far eastern city of Vladivostok, one media source reported seeing 30 people detained after unfurling banners reading "The prime minister should answer".

A rights group, OVD Info, said at least 130 people had been detained in Moscow and that police had used pepper spray to disperse the crowd, AFP news agency reports.

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Denis Korneev, a 17-year-old film student, said: "I've come out (to protest) against corruption and want the authorities to answer the accusations in the Navalny film".

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