It's nearly time to change clocks, batteries in smoke and CO detectors

It's nearly time to change clocks, batteries in smoke and CO detectors

It's nearly time to change clocks, batteries in smoke and CO detectors

We believe that changing the clocks in the spring and fall is a good time to remind folks to change their batteries and check their smoke and CO alarms.

Daylight Saving Time kicks off at 2:00am this Sunday, March 12.

A recent law mandates that all battery-powered detectors have a fixed 10-year battery installed, so you can not change the battery in these, and should still check them at least monthly. Until fairly recently, when the grant paying for the program expired, the fire department installed smoke detectors with lithium batteries in homes for free.

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The cause of the fire is unknown and is still being investigated, but fire crews said after an inspection on other units they found more than a dozen non-functioning smoke detectors. The Red Cross also provides canteen services to fire departments while they fight fires. So far this year, 22 people across the state have died in 18 residential fires.

Vacuum your smoke alarms every month.

"It's just a shame" when a smoke alarm is not available to warn someone that their home is on fire, she said. "This simple, but vital maintenance includes ensuring that all alarms are equipped with working batteries".

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- Replace the smoke alarm immediately if it doesn't respond properly when tested. He already had two smoke detectors installed in his home and said it was important for everyone to do have them.

Smoke rises, so the ideal location for a smoke alarm is on the ceiling - in the center of the room is best. If a family member sleeps with the door closed, install one inside the sleeping area as well. The volunteers do not perform any electrical work and will only install backup batteries in hardwired alarms.

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