Mass Effect Andromeda: Bad Animation Complaints Distract Players From Its Biggest Issue

Mass Effect Andromeda: Bad Animation Complaints Distract Players From Its Biggest Issue

Mass Effect Andromeda: Bad Animation Complaints Distract Players From Its Biggest Issue

Having spent time at BioWare through the development of the first Mass Effect, Cooper was the first to point out that Andromeda's ambition as an open-world RPG can't possibly compare to the linear nature of Uncharted 4. With more than 1,200 characters you can interact with through in-depth dialogue wheels and many more NPCs with shallower conversational options besides, it's perhaps understandable why not every line of dialogue in the game was animated by hand.

This PS4 Pro has been given a new skin along with a new design for the controllers based on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It's interesting that this new content is already being released less than a week after Mass Effect: Andromeda went live. Bizarrely, the female characters receive the brunt of the jank; most male characters are untouched, though hardly realistic. Some have accused the team behind the game of being "grossed" out by gay romances and that this is why the developer is so reluctant to include more them with full love scenes. Quite a lot, actually.

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I have been struggling the entire day to get andromeda to work.

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Why is it that special care seems to have been taken with Andromeda's sex scenes?

Cooper admitted that working on animations for an RPG is a "really, really big undertaking". Breaking it down further he explains in laymen's terms how the game's animations "may not even be touched by hand", stating that an algorithm is responsible for some of the goofs. According to the fan-made chart above, it wasn't until Mass Effect 3 that BioWare introduced male love interests for the male player character in the Mass Effect trilogy, Commander Shepard.

In short, the algorithm Andromeda is using to generate animations for each scene isn't necessarily picking the animations it should from the overall pool. What other content additions would you like to see down the road?

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All in all, "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is not a bad game, to say the least. In a nutshell, he doesn't blame BioWare's lack of animation prowess, but a lack of time.

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