McDonald's worker jumps through drive-thru window to help off-duty cop

McDonald's worker jumps through drive-thru window to help off-duty cop

McDonald's worker jumps through drive-thru window to help off-duty cop

A McDonald's employee in Florida jumped out a drive-thru window to help a woman who passed out in front of him Tuesday. Surveillance footage also shows Viloria pulling the off-duty officer from the SUV as it rolled forward.

After the Miami-Dade Police officer suffered the medical emergency, her auto started rolling slowly away from the drive-thru line and hit a median, surveillance footage shows.

"Her kids were screaming, like, mother, mother!"

The officer then went unconscious and her foot slid off the brake, prompting the auto to begin rolling forward.

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"I never panicked. I never panicked at all", said Pedro Viloria.

"I thought immediately something's going wrong with that woman now, and I got to do something to help her", said Viloria.

The still-unnamed officer was rushed to the hospital; her condition remains unknown.

"I thought, 'If those kids lose their mother today, that's going to be tragic, '" said Pedro Viloria.

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Surveillance footage shows the auto missing another vehicle before hitting a curb. No one has publicly revealed what caused the medical emergency. Inside, another off-duty officer ran to help.

Viloria was celebrated by local news and his employers, but the McDonald's employee waved off all the accolades saying that it was the paramedic and other first responders who arrived a short time later who gave the real life-saving aid. Viloria was ready to hand food to a woman in an SUV, when he noticed she was breathing abnormally.

Thanks to his quick actions, that didn't happen.

Viloria says the officer was struggling to breathe when he returned to the window with the family's breakfast.

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