Riots in Paris after Chinese man shot dead

Riots in Paris after Chinese man shot dead

Riots in Paris after Chinese man shot dead

Police said an officer fired at Mr Liu "in self-defence". One projectile, likely a molotov cocktail, hit a police vehicle cause the auto to be set on fire.

Chinese authorities "hope that Chinese nationals in France can express their wishes and demands in a reasonable way", Hua said. Police said Liu, a father of five, attacked an officer with a sharp object. Officers said that when they opened the door he rushed...

But on Tuesday, a Chinese official brought up a different security issue, urging France to protect civilians following the Sunday killing of a Chinese man by the Eurozone country's own police in northeastern Paris.

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China's foreign ministry says it filed an official complaint over the events and urged France to "guarantee the safety and legal rights and interests of Chinese citizens in France".

The French foreign ministry said in a statement that an inquiry was underway into the shooting and added that the security of Chinese citizens in France was a priority for the national authorities.

Protests hit the streets of Paris following police shooting of Chinese manThe streets of Paris' 19th district, or arrondissement, were calm, but still tense on Tuesday. Tear gas was shot during RT's live broadcast from the scene in Paris' 19th district where police faced off with the local Asian community for the second night running.

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Estimated at more than 600,000 people, France's Chinese community is said to be Europe's largest.

The victim's lawyer said the August 2016 attack was ethnically motivated, and the area's Chinese immigrant community says it is routinely targeted by armed robbers and violence. Tamara Lui, president of the association "Chine de France - Francais de Chine" in Paris, says the city's Chinese inhabitants already felt unsafe in the streets of some neighborhoods, especially after a Chinese shopkeeper was killed in a mugging a year ago.

Police arrived at the man's flat on Sunday night after receiving a call from a neighbor who said that the man had complained to him about noise while carrying a pair of scissors in his hand. "The police opened the door and the first policeman opened fire without warning". France's police watch dog group is also examining the case, interviewing friends, relatives, and witnesses to determine what happened.

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