Soy Foods Are Good For Breast Cancer Patients

Soy Foods Are Good For Breast Cancer Patients

Soy Foods Are Good For Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer is the most common among women and accounts for 16 percent of deaths from this disease.

Women were then divided into five groups based on the inflammatory scores for their high school diets.

New research suggests soy products may not only be safe to eat but beneficial for women with breast cancer. Those in the group with the highest score were 35 percent more likely to develop premenopausal breast cancer, compared with those in the group with the lowest score.

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In the current study, Zhang and her colleagues, including Esther John, Ph.D., senior cancer epidemiologist at the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, analyzed data on 6,235 American and Canadian breast cancer patients from the Breast Cancer Family Registry, a National Cancer Institute-funded program that has collected clinical and questionnaire data on enrolled participants and their families since 1995. "We recommend that readers keep in mind that soy foods can potentially have an impact, but only as a component of an overall healthy diet", she adds.

"We would welcome further research that helps us better understand the risk factors for the different breast cancer subtypes".

Previous research has suggested that the consumption of soy products may increase the risk of developing breast cancer. The benefits may not apply to all types of breast cancer, however.

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EATING a Mediterranean diet can cut the risk of a deadly type of breast cancer by 40 per cent, a study has found.

"Epidemiological analyses in East Asian women with breast cancer found links between higher isoflavone intake and reduced mortality", said Zhang. However, high amounts of isoflavone did not associate with higher mortality in women who did receive hormonal therapy.

The findings could be particularly valuable as women with this form of cancer cannot be treated with hormone therapy and usually have a worse outcome than those with other types of breast cancer. A weaker but significant association was also observed among women who did not undergo endocrine therapy treatment. Of those studies, 3,354 women developed breast cancer, but 1,033 of those women were excluded due to their inconsistent diet and/or prior history of breast cancer. However, Dr. Fang Zhang, the research director, cautioned that other studies suggest that the estrogen-like effects of isoflavones may decrease the effectiveness of hormone therapies used in the treatment of breast cancer.

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The diet also involves moderate consumption of red wine, but because alcohol can up the risk of breast cancer it was eliminated from the study.

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