The 2020 US Census Won't Tally LGBTQ Citizens

The 2020 US Census Won't Tally LGBTQ Citizens

The 2020 US Census Won't Tally LGBTQ Citizens

Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services removed questions on sexuality from two of its surveys. Tuesday's initial release from the Census Bureau proposed including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people on both surveys.

LGBT advocates have been advocating for questions about sexual orientation and gender identity to be included on the Census, and in OUT, GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis called the move a "systematic effort on behalf of the Trump administration to erase LGBT people". That category would obviously include an very bad lot of cohabitating straight couples, but it at least allowed for some insight into how many same-sex couples may be living together, and where they might be located throughout the country. The correction suggests that the draft report included LGBTQ data collection recommendations or plans.

The redaction ignited a firestorm among LGBT advocates, who had been pushing for the inclusion of LGBT questions in the more detailed annual American Community Survey, and denounced the redaction as an attack from the Trump administration.

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She added that information about sexual orientation and gender identity would be "important for decision makers to be responsive to the needs of our community" and would also "help us to design the right policy interventions for our community".

The Trump administration, which appeared to have first considered including questions related to sexual orientation or gender identity on the US census, has ultimately decided not to, meaning LGBTQ citizens will continue to go uncounted by the survey. "We will continue to examine the effectiveness of decennial census and ACS questions to collect accurate data on America's people, places and economy".

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Activists in the LGBT community and Democratic lawmakers have been pushing for the next Census to gather information on sexual orientation to get a better picture of the American people's family and sexual dynamics, the Washington Times reported. Meghan Maury, Criminal and Economic Justice Project Director at the National LGBTQ Task Force, asked in a statement Tuesday. The survey is meant to evaluate the effectiveness of programs funded by the Older Americans Act, such as services for home-delivered meals, homemaker services and the National Family Caregiver Support Program. "This topic is not being proposed to Congress for the 2020 Census or American Community Survey", the bureau said in a statement.

Mandated by the U.S. Constitution, every 10 years the federal government conducts the U.S. Census.

If you were to read some of the more hysterical headlines being churned out by certain elements of the gay press - which are, in turn, being shared far and wide by and among the Left's outrage industry - you might be forgiven for concluding that President Trump has just ordered an act of statistical genocide against the LGBTQ community.

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