Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Charlie Murphy in Touching Interview

Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Charlie Murphy in Touching Interview

Adam Sandler Pays Tribute to Charlie Murphy in Touching Interview

At Mayer's show Wednesday night, Chappelle requested Mayer perform "You're Gonna Live Forever in Me" in Murphy's honor.

Comedian and actor Charlie Murphy died in his sleep at a NY hospital on Wednesday at age 57 after suffering from leukemia, according to entertainment media reports.

Sandler called Murphy, Eddie's older brother, "a good person", adding, "I$3 loved him, and my respect to his family...he was the sweetest guy to see and talk to".

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The musician and comedian began by sharing jokes and stories about each other, before Chappelle brought up the news of Murphy's death. Dave then took a moment to remember Murphy, who was most known for his skits on Chapelle's Show.

"You just got so happy seeing Charlie, anywhere you saw him", he said. Watch the fan-recorded video here.

In addition to his work with Chappelle, Murphy appeared in films such as CB4 and shows such as The Boondocks and Black Jesus.

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Aside from his collaborations with Chappelle, Charlie also worked with his brother Eddie on his films such as 1989's Harlem Nights, 1995's Vampire in Brooklyn and the 2007 film, Norbit. "You were doing a show for 120 people".

The day before he died, Charlie Murphy sent out one last poignant tweet that seemed to signal he knew the end was near, writing, "One to sleep on: release the past to rest as deeply as possible".

"For me to start a comedy career after he established that was really a big risk", he said.

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