Call for EU and China to drive climate change fight

Call for EU and China to drive climate change fight

Call for EU and China to drive climate change fight

Trump's order is not likely to affect the U.S.'s need to import some oil because it mostly targets coal, which is used to generate electricity, and will have less impact on oil used in transportation, said Mark Barteau, who directs an energy institute at the University of MI.

Rick Curtsinger, a spokesperson for Wyoming coal giant Cloud Peak Energy, said lifting that Obama moratorium allows three potential projects in Wyoming's Powder River Basin to start moving through the leasing process again.

In addition to asking the EPA to rework the Clean Power Plan, Trump's order also repeals former executive directives to reduce the federal government's carbon footprint. Trump said the measures herald "a new era in American energy and production and job creation".

But his actions will at least slow the decline of coal, and let its death be the result of natural economic forces.

But even if the concrete legal impact of the order is dampened by bureaucratic hurdles and legal challenges, it nonetheless represents a sweeping, troubling change of course for USA climate policy. More people work in Whole Foods, an upscale supermarket chain.

"China is not the kind of leader in terms of climate change that will pull other countries along", said Lauri Myllyvirta, a senior campaigner at Greenpeace based in Beijing.

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"Unlike the 69 percent of the Americans who support limits on coal power plants, President Trump doesn't understand or doesn't care that we need to act on climate now". "It will make it virtually impossible" for the meet its target said Bob Ward, a climate specialist at the London School of Economics.

"My administration is putting an end to the war on coal".

During his campaign for the USA presidency, Trump vowed that if elected he would scrap U.S. participation in the Paris Agreement.

Fortunately, the Trump administration has done just what it promised.

President Trump is welcome to reassess the government's climate change policies and address any flaws.

In a PR event on Tuesday, Trump stood flanked by coal miners and climate-denying Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt as he announced his latest assault on global environmental security. The views expressed in these articles are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Mint Press News editorial policy.

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Trump's words may have been less well received in the corridors of the EPA's imposing Washington headquarters.

Global climate change experts and civil societies' members too have similar concerns. In New Hampshire, we see the effects of climate change every day and it is a direct threat to our environment, economy and way of life.

The regulations - known as the Clean Power Plan - have been the subject of long-running legal challenges by about two dozen mostly Republican-led states and industry groups that profit from burning coal. Yet the Northwest's biggest coal user, Puget Sound Energy, says the announcement won't affect its use of the dirtiest of fossil fuels.

Whether Trump understands this or not, he's doing a great disservice to unemployed coal miners by assuring them his executive order will get them back to work. It won't.

Trump claims that cutting back on the regulations will stimulate industry and boost job growth.

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