Erdogan and Putin back investigation into Syria chemical attack

Erdogan and Putin back investigation into Syria chemical attack

Erdogan and Putin back investigation into Syria chemical attack

"There was no order to make any attack, we don't have any chemical weapons, we gave up our arsenal a few years ago", Assad said.

"They say still that it is not very safe, but they can not put forward convincing arguments", he said.

Syria and Russian Federation have suggested a conventional airstrike by the Syrian army may have hit a depot storing chemical weapons possessed by extremists.

But in his latest interview, Assad insisted it was "not clear" whether an attack on Khan Sheikhoun had even happened.

An investigation is now being requested by the OPCW.

"We will keep monitoring the issue, since the only possible reason for using military force on the territory of Syria is to fight terrorism", Lavrov said.

The World Health Organization concluded the symptoms experienced by the victims were consistent with exposure to nerve gas.

Shortly after, under pressure from the West, Syria agreed to a Russian proposal to give up control of its chemical weapons.

Syria's Assad claims USA 'fabricated' chemical attack, despite consensus
Assad insisted his forces had turned over all their chemical weapons stocks years ago and would never use the banned arms. Russia, a long-time ally of Assad, said that the attack on the Syrian base was "reckless" and called for an urgent U.N.

"You can not talk about partnership between us, who are fighting the terrorists and others who are supporting explicitly the terrorists", he added.

The anonymous official reportedly told the American news channel that the U.S. intelligence community had intercepted communications "featuring Syrian military and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last week".

The air base Al-Shairat looked like this before 59 Tomahawk rockets were fired at the site.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who hosted his Iranian and Syrian counterparts at a trilateral meeting in Moscow, called last week's USA strike on a Syrian military base a "flagrant violation" of worldwide law and warned that any further such action would entail "grave consequences not only for regional but global security".

The cruise missiles were launched from the USS Porter and USS Ross warships stationed in the Mediterranean Sea.

Syria's Ambassador to the United Nations Bashar Ja'afari address Security Council after a resolution vote condemning Syria's use of chemical weapons failed to pass, Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at U.N. headquarters. Previous attacks in Syria targeted the so-called "Islamic State". Moscow offered the explanation that regime aircraft hit a chemical weapons facility controlled by rebels on the ground.

The global chemical weapons watchdog is testing samples from the suspected nerve gas attack and could produce a report on the matter within three weeks, the British delegation to the commission said Thursday.

On Tuesday morning a residential district in Chan Sheikhun in Idlib province was bombed and poison gas was released.

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The fact-finding mission was sent by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague to gather bio-metric samples and interview survivors, sources told Reuters on Thursday.

It was the 8th time Russian Federation has used its veto power.

Western powers blame the gas attack, which killed scores of civilians - many of them children - on Assad's forces.

"We are deeply anxious by our partners in the UN Security Council trying to evade an honest investigation", Lavrov said.

Moscow is a key ally of the Syrian government, and has intervened militarily on its behalf since September 2015.

He said his forces had not been diminished by the United States strike.

It was the Syrian government's second version of events in the space of nine days.

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