Extra portion of SpaceX rocket recovered from launch, Musk says

Extra portion of SpaceX rocket recovered from launch, Musk says

Extra portion of SpaceX rocket recovered from launch, Musk says

The launch was round two for this rocket, which already launched and landed during a mission in April 2016.

While the company has already proved that it cannot only land the first stage, or booster, of Falcon 9 but can also reuse it, there is much more cost savings involved if it can manage to bring back the Falcon 9 Heavy second stage.

Once the mission was accomplished, it managed to land on a robotic ship in the Atlantic Ocean, maintained by SpaceX, the private space exploration company owned by Mr Musk, a co-founder of PayPal.

The first stage represents the most expensive part of the rocket, according to Musk.

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After some debate about whether the nosecone could be recovered, Musk said he told his engineering team, "Imagine you had $6 million in cash on a pallet flying through the air that's just going to smash into the ocean". If you would recall, it was in December 2015 that SpaceX successfully launched a satellite into orbit before coming back to Earth and landing upright on a strip of landing pad in Cape Canaveral. Musk said that SpaceX's next goal is to be able to fly the same rocket like commercial aircrafts.

Essentially the rocket launched, landed and re-launched again, to make history.

Besides its two rocket boosters, there are also plans to reuse the Falcon 9 fairing - the nose cone used to protect a spacecraft (launch vehicle payload) against the impact of dynamic pressure and aerodynamic heating.

Plans to reuse the Falcon 9 second stage booster have been abandoned as the weight of a heat shield and other equipment would impinge on payload too much for this to be economically feasible. Historically, rockets have been a single-use object - imagine the cost of commuting to work if you had to buy a new auto each day. But if it is successful, this could prove to be a stepping stone toward the company's desire to reuse entire rockets. Musk's ultimate goal is to establish a human settlement on Mars.

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As reported by Spaceflight Insider, Musk intends to do this using what he calls the Interplanetary Transport System.

Speaking of which, the typical SpaceX launch costs around $62 million.

The company's chief operating officer, Gwynne Shotwell, has previously discussed how "flight proven" rockets could potentially give customers a 30 percent discount in the future. It nailed another vertical landing at sea Thursday once it was finished boosting the satellite for the SES company of Luxembourg. "It's taken us a long time [with a] lot of hard steps along the way".

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