Film academy rules ineligible documentary series like 'OJ'

Film academy rules ineligible documentary series like 'OJ'

Film academy rules ineligible documentary series like 'OJ'

The nomination for O.J.: Made in America had caused some consternation among other documentary producers that the 467-minute documentary should have been treated as a TV series rather than one long movie.

LOS ANGELES Multi-part documentary series will be ineligible for the Oscars, organizers said on Friday as part of a new list of awards rules, just a few months after ESPN's serialized "O.J.: Made in America" won the Oscar for best feature documentary. But it nearly certainly would attract the scrutiny of the doc branch's executive committee which, I'm told by sources close to the Academy, would, per the new rule, seek to determine the principal format for which the doc was created.

Korea Fired Missile into Sea of Japan
When conducting nuclear and missiles tests in recent years, it has cited what it calls increasing USA military threats. But earlier, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said it was "a type of KN-15 intermediate-range ballistic missile".

Under the rule change announced Friday, such productions "are not eligible for awards consideration", with the executive committee of the Academy's Documentary Branch having final say on a production's eligibility.

In the run-up to the Oscar nomination, O.J.: Made in America was screened at several film festivals and was treated as a film. Most viewers, however, saw it as a five-part series on ESPN.

Facebook Introduces Anti-Revenge Porn Program
The social networking site has also launched a revenge porn guide specific to Facebook, named, " Not Without My Consent ". Facebook is not alone in the fight against revenge porn and worked with other online communities to build out the system.

For the first time, nominations voting in the Animated Feature Film category will be opened up to the entire eligible voting membership.

From the inception of the best animated feature category ahead of the 2002 Oscars through the Oscars held earlier this year, best animated feature nominations were determined by a committee comprised of roughly an equal number of Academy members from within and outside of the short films and feature animation branch, all invited to participate by the Academy.

Russia: Jehovah's Witnesses Break Law by Refusing Blood Transfusions
Since 2004 sever branches and chapters of the organization were banned and shut down in various regions of Russian Federation . Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible prohibits the ingesting of blood and so refuse to allow blood transfusions or donations.

In the best picture category, meanwhile, the Academy will now allow "a bona fide team of not more than two people" to be considered as a single producer. I guess visiting rights would have to be worked out among that mythical trio should they win one day. Now, committee members for the category-which originated in 2002, when it gave its first award to Shrek-will come from all branches of the Academy, without regard for their animation credentials.

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