Jackson says that a trade might be best for Carmelo, Knicks

Jackson says that a trade might be best for Carmelo, Knicks

Jackson says that a trade might be best for Carmelo, Knicks

Jackson spoke to the local media Friday for the first time since September. And what a conversation it was. Check. Undermine the team's head coach?

Exit meetings after the National Basketball Association season is over are standard.

According to Ian Begley of ESPN New York, Anthony was leaning strongly towards accepting a trade before Jackson's recent comments.

He retired from coaching in 2011 before joining the Knicks as an executive in 2014. In his days as a coach he not only had his stars in Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal, managing their egos, he also got the most out of the likes of Dennis Rodman and Metta World Peace.

It appears that Jackson meant good with his statement but Anthony might have understood it differently.

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Jackson said he doesn't know the market yet for Anthony, who has two years and $54 million remaining on his contract. "Derrick has expressed hopes of coming back".

One thing I've noticed about Phil Jackson is his ability to say that may be technically correct in a manner that makes you want to punch him in the face.

"We've not been able to win with him on the court", Jackson said at the team's practice facility.

"I think the direction with our team is that he would be better off somewhere else". So we're really pleased with how he's developed. "So we'll go forward with that".

So, in so many words: Thanks, but no thanks, Carmelo.

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In Anthony's seven seasons with the Knicks, they only had three playoff appearances and that happened during his first three seasons with them. The Knicks had trade talks during the season but couldn't find anything workable, and it was during that time that their relationship suffered, along with the team's record.

Jackson said Rose, who will be a free agent, expressed a desire to return to NY and intimated that the Knicks would consider re-signing him.

"This guy plays 34 minutes a game", Jackson said. Phil isn't interested in making that case; he's more interested in fostering one of his legendary beefs, treating Melo like one of his coaching rivals from the '90s and '00s.

With that context, consider this obtuse quote from Jackson about how involved he will be with the Knicks next season.

"I think there's disconnect sometimes with this team and I think there was some rebelliousness with this team that created some of the discord during the year".

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