Kendall Jenner 'devastated' by Pepsi ad controversy

Kendall Jenner 'devastated' by Pepsi ad controversy

Kendall Jenner 'devastated' by Pepsi ad controversy

She quickly becomes the star of the show, and grabs a can of Pepsi from an overflowing ice bucket and hands it to one of the police officers on duty. "I think a lot of peopel are caught up in whatever's happening in someone else's life and they're not really paying attention to what's happening right in front of them most of the time".

It was this apology that sparked even more backlash as many feel that Pepsi also missed the mark in terms of who they should have been apologizing to.

Madonna has taken a sly dig at Pepsi after the drinks giant drew criticism over an advert starring Kendall Jenner at a staged equality march.

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We didn't want to be casual about any serious matter.

Critics say the image of Jenner handing the officer a Pepsi evoked a photo of Black Lives Matter protester Ieshia Evans approaching an officer at a demonstration in Baton Rouge a year ago.

The 58-year-old has her own history with Pepsi after the brand pulled her ad campaign with them in 1989 after the controversy that arose with her Like A Prayer music video.

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Seth Meyers and his "Late Night" crew filmed an alternative ending for the ad that had a black protestor, instead of Jenner, approach a riot police officer with a result that was not quite as touchy feely. The true topic of discussion was the Pepsi ad that was released this week featuring Kendall Jenner.

The video is scheduled to shoot just days after the infamous Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad was pulled. "She would have called Kris SO upset and freaking out", the source added. We are removing the content and halting any further roll out.

"Pepsi should fire its ad agency".

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It read: "Pepsi was trying to project a global a message of unity, peace and understanding". "Live for now especially if you're Pepsi's marketing department", he said. "It made me kind of wonder, how could someone just endure people coming and berating you every week". How do we know?

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