Putin and Tillerson agree that US-Russia relationship isn't going so well

Putin and Tillerson agree that US-Russia relationship isn't going so well

Putin and Tillerson agree that US-Russia relationship isn't going so well

Russia's United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov told the council before the vote that during talks earlier on Wednesday in Moscow, Russia asked for an independent global investigation to examine the April 4 attack on Khan Sheikhoun that killed almost 90 people. We may be at an all-time low in terms of a relationship with Russian Federation.

The Secretary of State described Russia's alleged involvement in the 2016 vote as a "serious issue" and "one that we know" about. "The world's two foremost nuclear powers can not can not have this kind of relationship".

"This fixation on trying to oust this or that dictator, an authoritarian or totalitarian leader, is well known to us, and we know how it ends", Lavrov said. -Russian ties and identify problems.

In his first interview since the April 4 incident prompted a USA cruise missile attack on Syrian forces, Assad insisted his army gave up all of its chemical weapons three years ago and that Syrian military power was not affected by the U.S. strike.

Trump's top aides said earlier this month that the President was moved by the photos and video of children suffering from the effects of the chemical attack and that those pictures, in a way, compelled him to take action against the Syrian president.

"This is just the latest in a series of the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime". And he suggested that possible war crimes charges could be levied against the Syrian leader.

The toxic gas attack on April 4, which killed scores of children, prompted the United States to launch missile strikes on a Syrian air base and widened a rift between the United States and Russian Federation, a close Syrian ally.

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The civil war is separate from the US-led effort against the Islamic State group in the north of the country.

The Syrian government forces were caught on the intercepts consulting chemical experts just hours before the atrocious assault last Tuesday, a senior USA official told CNN.

Tillerson said last week the Russians were "complicit or simply incompetent".

Lavrov said both countries should work together and noted that Moscow does "not consider any closed alliances and misalliances productive".

The men know each other well from Tillerson's days as Exxon Mobil CEO.

Tillerson is on a thus-far-futile mission to persuade Putin to abandon support for Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Despite hopes of an improvement in ties under Trump, the Tillerson-Lavrov talks look set to be dominated by the war of words over Syria - where more than 320,000 people have died in six years of brutal war. The AP also reported that Lavrov said Russian Federation was looking to understand U.S. President Donald Trump's "real intentions".

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The strike was the first time American forces targeted a Syrian government installation in the course of the war. Putin said that the US missile attacks were an "unacceptable move" which strengthens the terrorists.

Trump and others have indeed threatened similar action.

One day after US cruise missiles destroyed Syrian jets, fuel and radars at the Sharyat air base, Russia withdrew from the so-called "deconfliction line", which is a military-to-military daily phone call used since late 2015 to communicate the locations of USA and Russian air and ground forces in Syria.

Mr Putin said he believed the USA would launch more missile strikes, and rebels were planning to stage chemical attacks to provoke more strikes.

And while Tillerson appeared Wednesday before reporters with Lavrov, he met beforehand for roughly two hours with Putin himself. But any such expectations have crashed into reality amid the nasty back-and-forth over Syria and ongoing US investigations into Russia's alleged interference in America's USA presidential election.

Allegations of collusion between Russian officials and Trump campaign associates also have weakened Trump's ability to make concessions to Russia in any agreement, lest he be accused of rewarding bad behavior.

In an interview with the Fox Business Network, Trump said he was not planning to order US forces into Syria, but that he had to respond to the images of dead children poisoned in the gas attack.

Assad said his forces had not been diminished by the 59 U.S. cruise missiles launched at an Syrian airbase in Homs in retaliation for what Trump called a "very barbaric" attack. "I have absolutely no doubt we did the right thing, and it was very, very successfully done". Russian Federation says rebels were responsible for whatever chemical agent was used, which the Trump administration calls a disinformation campaign.

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And Putin, who USA intelligence agencies say tried to help Trump get elected, insisted that relations with the US had only gone downhill since Trump took office in January.

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