Stockholm suspect was failed asylum-seeker; 2nd man arrested

Two Swedes and a Belgian also died in the attack, Swedish police have confirmed.

Local newspaper Aftonbladet reports the man is a 39-year-old father of four who lives in the Stockholm area but is an Uzbek citizen.

Swedish police have arrested a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan and say they believe he deliberately drove a stolen beer truck Friday into shoppers in Stockholm, killing four people and wounding 15.

He had applied for permanent residency in 2014, but this was rejected, and in December 2016 he was given four weeks to leave the country, police chief Jonas Hysing told a press conference. "In February 2017, the case was handed over to the police to carry out the order, since the person had gone underground", he said.

The British man, Chris Bevington, was a director with the music streaming service Spotify and lived in Stockholm with his family.

Meanwhile, a second suspect has been placed under formal arrest. Fifteen other people were wounded in the attack, including an 83-year-old Romanian woman who was begging on the popular shopping street.

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Swedish Security Police spokesman Simon Bynert said the suspect had been involved in an asylum process in Sweden, but that the security police had not been part of it. In Brussels, the Belga news agency said the Belgian woman had been reported missing before she was identified by her identity papers and later by DNA testing.

Thousands of people gathered on Sunday for a "Lovefest" vigil against terrorism and to honour the victims at the Sergels Torg plaza near the scene of the attack, where a sea of flowers, candles and stuffed toys had been placed by mourning Swedes.

Police across the Nordic region went on heightened alert after the attack and in neighbouring Norway police set off a controlled explosion of a "bomb-like device" in central Oslo on Sunday and took a suspect into custody. "We must close the borders, throw everyone out, '" said Ulf Lundgren, a clergyman at Stockholm Cathedral.

"If people who are here seeking asylum and treat us like this, it is not good", Holm said.

One of the victims of Stockholm's truck attack, an 83-year-old Romanian woman who was begging on the city's pedestrian Drottninggatan street says she was "surprised" that by-passers helped her.

Papusa Ciuraru, whose foot was crushed by a boulder displaced by the speeding truck, told the Expressen daily "I thought everyone would run past me and save themselves".

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Police said they were investigating the second suspect for a "terrorist crime [by committing] murder".

Since the attack, police have conducted raids and questioned scores of people.

However, police could not find him for deportation because he was not at the address he had given, Jan Evenssen of the Stockholm police said.

The truck mowed down shoppers in one of the city's busiest districts, ending it's rampage by crashing into the Åhléns department store at 2:53 pm.

The department store that was rammed by the truck apologized Sunday for an announcement that it would reopen two days after the deadly attack to sell damaged goods at a "reduced price".

"That is what we're going to build on", she said, praising a city "characterised by openness and tolerance".

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