Trump Approval Rating Sees Modest Rise After Military Strikes

Trump Approval Rating Sees Modest Rise After Military Strikes

Trump Approval Rating Sees Modest Rise After Military Strikes

The poll, which was conducted on April 5-9, shows that only 45 per cent of Americans believe that Trump "keeps his promises".

A growing majority of Americans no longer trust President Donald Trump to keep his promises, a new poll by Gallup has revealed.

Students clash with security forces in Kashmir protests
We have not seen such a use of widespread force on students in nearly every district simultaneously". As the police sealed the college exits, the students started demonstrating within the premises.

Gallup noted that the Trump administration's failure to come to a deal with Congress on repealing the Affordable Care Act - also known as Obamacare - may have contributed to this perception. The percentage of Americans who disapprove of Trump is nearly unchanged at 54 percent, compared to 56 percent in February. Faith in Trump's ability to bring change and deliver on promises to reinvigorate the job market, change the health care system and revise the nation's trade policies were among the few rallying points for Trump during his transition to the presidency.

Frankly, we're not exactly sure how anyone could have deemed serial liar and bloviator Donald Trump a "keeper of promises", but that sheen, however misguided, has dulled pretty quickly along with other key points of deterioration in public sentiment.

Trump Signs Bill Reversing Obama's 'Parting Gift' to Planned Parenthood
He was one of few Republicans running for president previous year to praise the group for the health care it provides women. Four million people with low incomes rely on Title X for preventative health care.

In March, a Gallup poll revealed that President Trump has already received approval ratings as low as Barack Obama ever saw during his eight years in office. Supporters have expressed unhappiness that more has not been done on taxes and immigration, in addition to healthcare. Being a strong and decisive leader is the only characteristic that a majority still say applies to Trump. But the declines have been greater among subgroups that tend to be less supportive of Trump, including Democrats, liberals, women and young adults.

The Rasmussen poll showed 50 percent of likely voters approve of the job the president doing, the same percentage of those who said they don't.

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Justice accused the legislature of playing politics with the bill, presenting him with an unwise document in the hopes that he would veto it.

This is the first time the president's overall approval rating has been back in the 50s in almost a month.

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