Anyone see the newest comments by the sideshow that is LaVar Ball

Anyone see the newest comments by the sideshow that is LaVar Ball

Anyone see the newest comments by the sideshow that is LaVar Ball

In March, Leahy accused Ball of being overly controlling of his sons and said one of them, future National Basketball Association lottery pick Lonzo Ball, "looks terrified" to speak in front of the cameras. Then to Cowherd, Ball said, "I don't even worry about her over there". "Leave me alone. I'll tell you, 400, 500 pairs", he said.

"In order to have a successful company, I think you are going to have to have women that like your brand", said Leahy.

Cowherd talked about how Fox Sports reporter Jason Whitlock commented on how Lonzo Ball put out a rap song to garner some "street cred".

Ball: "I'm not talking to you, you're a hater".

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Check out the clips and Twitter reactions below.

LaVar is in the middle of controversy over sexist remarks on the show directed at co-host Kristine Leahy.

"[You said you would never wear] something that says Big Baller on it", Ball said.

Ball, as always, did not disappoint, giving an incredible interview at his home, in which he claimed Markelle Fultz "ain't ready" for L.A., and said he spoke Lonzo going to the Lakers into existence. He never faced in her direction for the duration of the interview, answering her questions instead to Cowherd.

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"I never disrespect women".

Leahy: Why not? I think that's kind of disrespectful.

Unwilling to let it go, Ball said he does respect woman, but ominously offered: "If you act like that, guess what? Something's coming to you". I know I must be a genius to plan it this well.

Ball appeared on Colin Cowherd's FS1 show on Wednesday, and he was being his usual stuff.

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Sporting News writer Sara Jane Harris said Ball's words and actions were "terrible", but perhaps in response to Leahy's previous criticism about the elder Ball's relationship with his son.

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