Former official says she warned White House about Flynn

Former official says she warned White House about Flynn

Former official says she warned White House about Flynn

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Former acting US Attorney General Sally Yates warned the White House about the blackmail risk posed by the appointment of Michael Flynn as President Trump's security adviser. While they agreed that McGahn, in his second meeting with Yates - on a Friday - requested transcripts and other evidence of Flynn's conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Spicer said the information was not made available until a week later.

The subcommittee that held Monday's hearing is running one of multiple congressional probes into the Russian Federation interference, along with House and Senate intelligence panels.

Obama gave the warning in an Oval Office meeting with Trump two days after the Republican's surprise November 8 election win.

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In a written statement, Trump insisted anew there were no nefarious ties between his campaign and Russian Federation . Putin is the godfather to Medvedchuk's daughter.

"We're not going to relitigate the past on this", said Spicer. He was only forced to resign after somebody from the Obama administration illegally leaked the intercepts to The Washington Post and created a political embarrassment for President Trump.

US President Donald Trump insisted there is no evidence he colluded with Russia after a Senate hearing that highlighted warnings that his former national security advisor was vulnerable to Russian blackmail.

Yates, who was sacked by President Trump on January 30, said that it is believed that the Russian government had recordings of Flynn's call. Trump has dismissed the probe, as well as separate investigations by the FBI and the House of Representatives, and has repeatedly said his campaign had no ties to Russian Federation.

Flynn's clearance was renewed before officials learned Russian Federation paid him 34-thousand dollars for a speech in Moscow.

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Today, Sean Spicer fielded multiple questions from a hostile media about whether Sally Yates' concerns about Michael Flynn were handled properly.

The president himself had earlier tweeted that it was Obama administration which had given Mr Flynn "the highest security clearance" when he worked at the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, during Mrs. Yates' testimony, President Donald Trump was instructing via Twitter the members of the Senate subcommittee what questions to ask the former US Attorney.

Trump "never intended for that to discriminate on the basis of any particular religion", Jeffrey Wall, the US acting solicitor general, told judges of the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond during an intensely argued afternoon hearing. Flynn's conversations with Kislyak are believed to have been monitored as part of normal USA intelligence collections on the communications of foreign officials.

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