Loosen Up: NFL to allow some flair in celebrations

For all the maneuvering, end zone celebration talk generated the most buzz. The league decided it would loosen up the celebration rules, and commissioner Roger Goodell sent out a letter explaining the new policies. Now, teams will be able to carry a full 90-man roster through the final preseason game and then cut down directly to 53. Only 22 of the 83 overtime games played over the past five years went beyond 10 minutes (average time is 7 minutes, 43 seconds).

The league, however, will continue to penalize any celebration deemed offensive, including those that embarrass opponents or mimic the use of weapons.

Roger Goodell and the National Football League are set to loosen their death grip on touchdown celebrations, according to USA Today's Tom Pelissero.

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The NFL took steps on Tuesday to change the perception that its initials stand for "No Fun League", as the 32 team owners agreed to relax restrictions on how its players can celebrate touchdowns during a meeting in Chicago.

The rule change is aimed at helping to improve player safety.

Three other games were won in overtime on the final five minutes, games that would be ties this year. This has its advantages, though it will make the job more hard for general managers, head coaches and pro personnel departments, as well as fans trying to predict their team's roster.

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Taunting, suggest acts (for example, Antonio Brown's twerking) and prolonged celebrations will still result in an unsportsmanlike penalty.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to tell owners that group celebrations, using the ball as a prop after touchdowns, going to the ground and snow angels are all now legal, according to USAToday.com's Tom Pelissero.

Now two players a season are allowed to return to practice if they have been on the IR for at least six weeks.

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