Netflix Releases 'Master of None' Season 2

Netflix Releases 'Master of None' Season 2

Netflix Releases 'Master of None' Season 2

Master of None (Netflix) - The second season of Aziz Ansari's critically acclaimed comedy lands today.

Aziz Ansari co-created and stars in Netflix's Master Of None, which just released its second season.

For Ansari, shooting those early episodes on location was a particularly memorable experience: "It was definitely inspired by a lot of older Italian classic cinema, Bicycle Thieves, things like that".

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It also sees a return of series favourite character Arnold, played by Eric Wareheim, and new face Alessandra Mastronardi.

The Netflix comedy, which debuts its second season on Friday, follows the misadventures of lovelorn actor Dev (Ansari) as he weathers a storm of casting calls, dating, friends, and family.

Now, Aziz has shared that Fatima's part in the show caught the attention of the producers of Ocean's Eight, who asked him if she would be interested in playing actress Mindy Kaling's character's mother. As we know Master of None's style is to portray the ugly, awkward, shameless realities of love and dating, and this relationship is no exception. "Even though there's somewhat of an amount of diverse people getting shows, even amongst that, it's still a certain group". "With have several women, a bi-racial guy, an Indian woman, and an Asian guy - that's me", Yang says with a laugh. Even in the later episodes, conversations we have about our love lives and things like that, it's all really similar to stuff that we talk about.

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The first season of Master of None was widely praised as a breath of fresh air in the comedy world. I feel like that helps with the enjoyment of it. The story idea had Ansari moving to Italy for a couple of months, where he learned to speak Italian and make pasta, just as Dev does in the opener. To text and old girlfriend "hello", for instance, is not just "hello" - it is "Hello, now you can try to figure out why I chose to text you".

"I think the show for Aziz was to try new stuff, and once you're pegged as that kind of comedian all you want to do is the dramatic stuff".

"The city of Modena really took care of us", he said. "But we felt like we didn't want it to warp the episode and we liked how it existed so we didn't specifically address him". We tackle a lot of issues, but we never want to be preachy. Wareheim and Ansari are good friends in real life; it's not uncommon for them to be up late into the night texting about emojis and girls to hit on observations that feel "funny and real".

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