O'Reilly blames 'far-left' for Fox firing

O'Reilly blames 'far-left' for Fox firing

O'Reilly blames 'far-left' for Fox firing

As Salon's own Matthew Sheffield has pointed out, left-wing activist groups played a pivotal role in holding the former Fox News host accountable for his alleged sexual harassment of network employees.

"This was a hit, and in the weeks to come, we are going to be able to explain some of it". "It really has to do with destroying voices that the far-left doesn't like", he said. The "left-wing cabal" in question appears to include Color of Change, a nonprofit civil rights group that pushed its 1.2 million members to pressure O'Reilly's advertisers. "It's ramped up to a place where I think this is going to become a major story in the next six months".

"I would like to say publicly, honestly - and I know you're not going to get into this, so just shut the fat trap - it's why I would like you to work for TheBlaze", Beck said. O'Reilly did not indicate he would take legal action against Fox.

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"If Bill will give me the hard-hitting interview I will do the hard-hitting interview", Beck explained, "but that's not what we had agreed to".

"I'll pay him in sandwiches", Beck said, joking that he couldn't afford to pay O'Reilly what he made at Fox.

He offered no criticism of his former employer, saying that he had "20 good years at FNC". "If that's what they felt was best for the company, I'm not going to hammer that".

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Charles Herring, CEO of San Diego-based One America Network, told the paper's MediaBlast blog: "Bill O'Reilly has been nothing short of a powerhouse in cable news".

The 67-year-old broadcaster, considered by many to have been the face of Fox News, revealed that he first learned of his firing from his attorneys.

"The Trump administration always makes mistakes by being undisciplined ..."

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O'Reilly added: "We're accumulating information and hopefully some day it will be clear ..." "We're going to name them, and it will be a big story".

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