Pay tribute to law enforcement officers by flying flags half-staff

Pay tribute to law enforcement officers by flying flags half-staff

Pay tribute to law enforcement officers by flying flags half-staff

Law enforcement agencies from Brandon, to Rapid City to Aberdeen and Sioux Falls were all present. "Fire departments have fences around their stations", Pinkston said. "And every hear ache known by your families in law enforcement is a sorrow shared by the entire family of the American nation", the Daily Mail quoted the President as saying.

US President Donald Trump lit the White House with blue lights honouring slain police officers, the media reported.

The organization's website,, says it is "an organization that works to be an advocate for the renewing of cities for equality".

Whitt approached Habun and the Human Relations Commission about hosting a luncheon for police in Elgin.

The event was part of National Police Week.

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"We had a terrorist group come into our town and terrorize out community". In addition, almost 60,000 assaults against law enforcement officers are reported each year, resulting in approximately 16,000 injuries.

McDaniel also said it is important that officers follow procedure. The money committed so far by the Government, as well as Chief Constables, Police and Crime Commissioners, staff associations and companies and business is testament to the significance of this project, and I have no doubt that people across the United Kingdom will be eager to raise the rest of the funds needed.

I believe it is one of the highest callings of my job to call attention to your successes and encourage our fellow citizens to support you in your hard and unsafe work.

"Their memories will live on in the heart of the department and their sacrifices will never be forgotten", Dallas police said in an online bulletin Wednesday.

Elgin's department, he said, is the the kind of big brother that encourages his younger siblings and sets the right example.

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"Thank you very much for what you do every day", Boke said.

All the officers in attendance performed one last salute. The flags in front of the department were brought to half-staff.

He said that the series of ceremonies held this week have been healing for him and his nine-officer department, as they slowly recover from Allery's death. It was humbling to see that public show of support, and a reminder to our officers, staff and volunteers that people recognise the work they do to protect communities.

What I hope that the public takes away from this week and the numerous police festivities around the country is that while we mourn our losses every year, we also celebrate our accomplishments and encourage each other to go back to our cities and towns and return to work with a renewed sense of goal.

Janelle Walker is a freelance reporter for The Courier-News.

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