Popular Telugu TV actor Pradeep Kumar kills self in Hyderabad

Popular Telugu TV actor Pradeep Kumar kills self in Hyderabad

Popular Telugu TV actor Pradeep Kumar kills self in Hyderabad

Telugu television actor, Pradeep Kumar committed suicide on May 3, 2017 at around 4am in the morning. We have had even bigger disputes than this one, but he had never taken such an extreme step. It was reported earlier that she was not in the house at the time of suicide, but later on her statement made it clear that she was indeed in the house, but was in another room. No suicide note found at the place where the incident happened. At around 4.30 am, his wife found that the Pradeep had locked himself inside the room and was not responding either to phone calls or repeated knocking of the door. He had recently married television actress Pavani Reddy, who us seen on Agnipooulu. But the reason behind his suicide is not yet known.

There are no visible injuries on the body, the Police said adding only after post-mortem, the cause of death will be determined.

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While Pavani says that Shravan is her cousin, the late actor's friends continue to say that there were issues between the couple due to that man.

"I and my brother Shravan, we forcefully opened the door and found that Pradeep was hanging". He was in bad mood and consumed a lot of alcohol.

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Pradeep Kumar for known for his work in multiple serials especially Saptha Mathrika.

As per reports by TV9 Telugu, police suspect that a family problem could have led the actor to take the drastic step. May they recover soon from this shocking incident! The Hyderabad police have registered a suicide case and have started the investigation.

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