President Trump addresses Liberty University grads

President Trump addresses Liberty University grads

President Trump addresses Liberty University grads

Trump's address at Liberty broke a long tradition of newly elected presidents delivering their first in-office commencement speeches at the University of Notre Dame; Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter all spoke at that in school during their first year as president.

"Nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic", Mr. Trump said.

Trump took swipes at his Washington opponents, too, telling attendees that following their "convictions means you will face criticism from those who lack the same courage" to do the right thing. It's called the road less traveled.

"The more that a broken system tells you that you're wrong, the more certain you must be that you must keep pushing ahead", added Trump, who often complains about being underestimated during the presidential campaign.

A highlight of the president's address was when he stated, "I know that each of you will be a warrior for the truth, the country and your family". They are thinking about what the Republican might say and how the rest of the country will see them. During a rally in Pennsylvania last month, Trump said he had set an "all time" record for crowd size at an arena, but a journalist attending tweeted a photo of empty seats.

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Speaking to graduates at Liberty University, the president returned to his outsider message.

"This is about three times the number we had in the past like when a Mitt Romney or someone would come to speak", he said.

When Mr. Trump first spoke at Liberty University during the campaign, he quoted scripture and vowed to "protect Christianity".

Meanwhile, Falwell thinks Trump is the "dream president" for American evangelicals.

According to the The News & Advance, members of the Seven Hills Progressive Society are planning to hold a "Trump's Non-Welcoming Committee" demonstration just outside one of the main entrances to the university Saturday morning for four hours leading up to the start of the commencement ceremony. "The future belongs to the dreamers, not to the critics".

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Trump also commended war heroes and athletes, and at one point read off Liberty's 2018 football schedule, a commendation of the future of the university's athletic program.

The capper came last week, when the President issued an executive order that enables religious leaders and houses of worship to engage in political advocacy on moral issues without fear of any adverse legal action.

Trump was introduced by Liberty's president, Jerry Falwell Jr., who presented him with an honorary doctorate.

"We don't need a lecture from Washington, D.C, on how to lead our lives", Mr Trump said. "Because it's the outsiders who change the world and who make a real and lasting difference".

"That is why our elected officials put their hands on the Bible and say "So help me God" as they take the oath of office".

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The school's football team even outgrew its conference, Trump said as he talked about Liberty's decision to jump into Division I of the Football Bowl Subdivision next year.

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