Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Energy Roof Tile Systems

Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Energy Roof Tile Systems

Tesla Begins Taking Orders For Its Solar Energy Roof Tile Systems

Citing Consumer Reports' take on the matter, in order to be cost competitive with a conventional roof, an average US house would need a solar roof to cost $24.50 per square foot, and Tesla's price of $21.85 undercuts that estimate, Tesla says. Tesla has designed its roof tiles to be better than shingles, even before you hook up what amounts to a small solar array to your house. Strategically, the solar roofs are created to work alongside Tesla's powerwall and battery packs for a more convenient and efficient use of solar energy.

The first two styles of Tesla's solar roof will cost customers almost $21.85 per square foot, cheaper than many industry analysts had anticipated. Installation of the energy-generating tiles are set to begin this summer in the US, and in 2018 for areas outside of the country.

Palo Alto, California-based Tesla Inc.is making the solar tiles at its California factory initially before production moves to NY.

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Tesla unveiled its solar shingles in October 2016 at a press event. The remaining two types of glass tiles named as Tuscan which would be curved and reddish tiles and the other one is similar to a slate rock would be launched in 2018.

"The pricing is better than I expected, better than everyone expected", said Hugh Bromley, a solar analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance who had been skeptical about the potential market impact of the new product. Elon Musk wants to change that with his bold plan to own your roof.

"Solar Roof is the most durable roof available and the glass itself will come with a warranty for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first", the press release declares.

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Tesla's Solar Roof is now available for preorder.

The calculator uses information like the size of the roof, the average local price of electricity, and how much sunlight a neighbourhood receives throughout the year to determine the price. You could go nuts and have an entire roof of solar, but you'll likely be paying a pretty penny for the privilege.

Australian experts are doing analysis of the costs and how these roofs will fit into the roofing market Down Under, Gizmodo Australia reports. High-efficiency solar cells are embedded in the shingles and wired together to form a power-producing surface.

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So for a two-storey home with a 2,000 square foot area, which is very big, you can expect to pay about $50,000. Those tiles, which Tesla said look the same as the active versions, will sell for $11 each.

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